Too Much

september - november 2019 | tallinn, estonia

We always want more.  We are constantly overwhelmed and filled with confusion and excitement of how to think, to feel, to digest, and react to what happens to us and around us.  We conjure images and words that blur the edges of reality, often falling into obsessive obsession where we can’t seem to get enough, to express enough.  We want reckless love, endless joy, unbounding truths, and fantastical experiences; all the while unsuccessfully fighting the temptation to fully follow our desires.  But when do we say something is too much?  Where is the line between what is sufficient and what is extravagant when our hearts and guts beg for an endless more?  Can we ever define what is, indeed, too much? 

Welcome to an evolving exhibition of contemporary jewellery and objects by Triin Kukk and Erinn M. Cox